Passion Project

My passion project was over art I was painting flowers then i realized I can take the flowers I press and incorporate them into the artwork. It was a learning experience and I am happy with what I am happy with the outcome. I made the artwork mostly while I was at the lake and i was with my boyfriend at the time but when we split up he wouldn’t give my art stuff back, but finally he did  but i didn’t get to work on it that much so i don’t see that much improvement. I think more people should use actual natural substances to make artwork. You get to capture the beauty of the world forever and that is a beautiful thing.



In class we are writing about cyberbullying and doing a blog post about it for awareness and that is when a came across this story.  Jessica Logan was dating a boy in high school and she sent him a nude photo of her. She started skipping school because other girls would call her mean names and throw harmful things at her. They would share her picture around and make means posts about her and then be mean to her in person. She killed herself a month after graduation with her cellphone on the floor right beside her.  The parents sued the school and the people who made horrible remarks about her.

The students had to pay money to the family but the amount was not known to the public. The nude picture was sent to her boyfriend then her boyfriend and other friends sent them to underage people so they could be charged with pornographic distrabusion to a minor. The family could charge the school because they knew about the bullying  and didn’t do anything about it and it’s against policy. The family won the case but that doesn’t help them heaI, would like to warn all teens out there about this.

If you are dating someone and they ask you for nudes and you are underage and your significant other gets caught with them, they can get charged with child  pornography. So if you are underage or even legally the age to do this, you need to be ready for the risks if they get sent around.




Canva is a website that you can create your own cards, invitations, postcard, poster, and a lot more. It is a pretty good website but sometimes it can be confusing when designing the card or whatever you are working on because uploading the images can be easy unless you use google drive then it can be complicated, I still haven’t figured it out. Canva would be good to customize  card for a close family member and just lots of different things i think you should just go check it out and play around with it some!


So I made a Twitter @skylikeky and I followed @emilytrue_ so I can look her art and be inspired and I can experience all kinds of art. I followed @Mitchwelling because he is the artist of flatsound which is my favorite artist to listen to. He is so inspirational and he makes amazing music and I love keeping up with him. I also followed @vab which is an art Twitter page and it also shows me different art and technique.

Passion Project

In class we are doing a passion project and for that I want to get better at drawing. I have a sketchbook that I am going to draw different flowers and plants every week or even more and then post pictures about it and at the end of the project. I will look back into the book and see if I improved or not. I hope to be a lot better at art because it’s something I enjoy doing and i would love to do something with art for the rest of my life, but I have to work hard and get better and it won’t be easy but I can try. So i am going to start out with pretty simple flowers and work up on that to see how good i can get over the 2 months i am doing this. I hope you can stay tuned on my journey!

Cat bed out of an old box tv

So I decided to do a DIY and I have seen people use different stuff to make a cat bed and I remember seeing an extremely old tv. So I went to homeland and I got one it was only $4!

So now I have to tell you this was very difficult for me because I have never tried to take a part a tv so I did it all wrong. What you should do is unscrew the back and then it had 4 other screws they you take off and then it is out and all you do is put it back together! But I didn’t know that and I didn’t have the right tools so I thought if I bust the screen it would all come out…… I was wrong..

So I figured out how to take it apart after making a super big dangerous mess but I fixed it up and I cleaned it and made sure no glass could harm my kitty and then I put it back together and put it in my room!

It is definitely not the best looking but I plan on working on it more and I will post updates when I get it 100% completed!

Digital footprint

Digital footprint is something everyone has. When your mother gets an ultrasound it goes into files and it is forever a part of your digital footprint.

I decided to look myself up on Google and I found my Prezi from sixth grade, which kind of freaks me out. I was very young and anyone could just google my name and find stuff about me.

My digital footprint consists of accounts Pinterest, Etsy, Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook and PicsArt and I’m sure many more.

I am glad I never said mean things or posted inappropriate things on my old Instagrams and Pinterests because I have forgotten the passwords and it could have really damaged my reputation If I had post bad things.

Everyone has a digital footprint and some can turn out bad, so I want to advise everyone to watch what they post on the media because it will come back to you either way, so I think you should make a positive footprint.

Making a positive digital footprint is actually pretty easy all you need to do is stop from posting when you are upset over something.

Just showing your family is something good to show.

I hope everyone learns from this!


Red fruits
Red Fruits by Zdenko Zivkovic via flickr CC BY 2.0

I have started a diet, not because I think I’m fat. It’s because i need to be healthy,

I’m at a healthy weight, I just am so used to laying in bed that when i walk my dog i will be out of breath. That is not how it’s supposed to be at 16 years old.

So i have two apps on my phone one is MyFitnessPal and the other is MapMyWalk, i use MyFitnessPal to track my calories or if i work out.

MapMyWalk is used for when i am walking and it will synchronize up to my other app so it can see how many calories i have burned.

I try to eat healthy but i am on a low budget and when i eat with friends they get fast food and i am stuck on not eating and it sucks.

Do any of you have healthy cheap food ideas? I’ll try anything.

I walk my dogs when it’s nice outside and i’ll do simple at home workouts.

I want to try a vegan diet but i don’t have a lot of money and fresh produce here is expensive so i will just have to settle until i have enough money to go vegan so i really want to know what you guys do to be healthy.  


Today in class we watched a video that has  Adora Svitak speaking. she talks about how adults can act like children but no one really criticizes them because they are an adult so why do we punish children for it when we do it too? Why do we usually ignore the ideas children have  when good could actually come from it?

She makes a great point about how adults act like children. One example is Donald Trump is the United States president but he still says things that are very inappropriate like what you hear walking down the hallway in high school.

Adults can have outbursts and random mood swings but most people don’t call them out because it’s apparently disrespectful, but what does that mean for children?

Most people yell at them when all they want is for you to try to understand them.

Children’s creativity is usually downplayed  and never really taken seriously. In the video she expresses how creative they are and very good at problem solving so I want to know why adults downplay the thoughts and creations of children imagination.

I think more adults should watch this video just so it’s in the back of their mind so maybe they will be more understanding next time the children try to explain something or get upset.  The video really made me think about how I felt as a child and all I  wanted was someone to take me seriously every so, often so I think we should be do that more for children because like she said, “ These children are going to take care of you when you are old.”  I think they deserve to be listened to.